Wednesday, May 1, 2019

My take on SpaceX's eerie silence after Crew Dragon Explosion

Draco Escape thrusters in action
On April 20th, during a test fire of the SuperDraco escape engines of SpaceX's Crew Dragon, the capsule experienced an "anomaly". Since the initial acknowledgement of the anomaly, SpaceX has been weirdly quiet about what has happened. This is understandable, as this really isn't the public's business, but many in the space community are calling for more information to be released so we know what repercussions this will have on the future of crewed US spaceflight. Also, someone leaked a video of the explosion to the public, so people are understandably wanting more information on how bad the damage is to the capsule. To complicate things more, Elon Musk has continued being his quirky, meme-loving self on twitter, but he is receiving backlash as some think he should be less active on twitter and more focused on solving this obvious problem. 

What do I think?

Personally, I am taking quite a neutral stance on this. I believe we as a community should give SpaceX and NASA more time to assess the situation and recover what they can. However, it has been almost two weeks and still nothing else has been released by either of them. The public deserves to know more than just an "anomaly" occurred. We don't need the full story yet, just a simple update would serve as food for thought for a while. Obviously, they would not have the full story yet, as this looked like quite a major anomaly that will take a while to assess the data and figure out what went wrong. But hey, I'd rather have an anomaly like this occur on the ground without humans than fail when astronauts need to escape from a dangerous situation during orbit insertion. Oh, and for the whole Elon on twitter thing? I say let the man be. He is already under a microscope, the last thing he needs is more social media haters to wade through. If he wants to use twitter to distract himself for a little while, let him be. That sheep was an absolute unit, though. 

Thank you all for reading my thought process on this, I love you all. 

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